How to celebrate at home

We all wish the 2020 Procession was going ahead but we all need to stay safe just now and look out for each other, so plans have been postponed until 2021.

This doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate at home on Saturday the 6th of June and we’ve come up with a few ideas we hope will keep up our community spirit on the big day.

Please remember to follow the lockdown rules and don’t put yourself or others at risk.


Put up your bunting with pride around your garden and make our streets colourful for procession day


Head to Meadow park and add a colourful stone to our rock walk. We’ve loved seeing other stone trails pop up over the town and we thought we’d start one for the Procession. Look out for our starting stone on the path at Meadow park and follow it to where it currently ends to add your stone. This isn’t just for the kids, anyone can take part and if you are looking for ideas or tips, head to our tutorial page


We know a lot of you enjoy a family BBQ on Procession day so fire up the grill and celebrate in your garden – fingers crossed for some good weather. Remember to stick to the lockdown rules whatever they may be by the 6th June.


We would normally start the torch light procession an 10.15pm so instead we would like you to light up your garden. You can do this with fairy lights, torches or even your phone. Switch them on at 10.15 until 10.30 and let’s light up Bathgate. Please stay safe and don’t do anything dangerous with fire

Hope these little ideas help you to continue your Procession celebrations at home and we’d love to see photos of what you get up to over festival fortnight – send any photo to the Facebook page or email and we will create a photo gallery with them all

Can you help us fundraise?

We are always so grateful for the support that the Bathgate Community provides to enable us to put on our Bathgate Procession and all of the events surrounding it. Not only has our 2020 Bathgate Procession been cancelled but all of our fundraising opportunities  for this year have also been cancelled. At a time when we would be gearing up for our Festival Fortnight and all of the activities for our community to come to together we are being asked to stay safe and protect our community by remaining apart.

Many people have been in touch to ask how they can show their support and if this is something that you are able to do in the current situation then after putting out the bunting, you could pledge a Pound for the Procession. Any donation at such a difficult time would help in our fundraising efforts and enable us to work towards our 2021 Procession and celebrate the community of Bathgate once more.  Head to our donation page for more details