Stone Painting Tutorial

On the run up to what would have been Procession day (6th June) we would love for you to add a stone to our “rock walk” in Meadow park so we can lift the spirits of people walking through the park. This isn’t only for kids, anyone can take part and we can’t wait to see all your designs. If you’ve never painted stones before, here are some simple times to get started.

1.Find your stone

Flat and smooth stones work best but you can still paint on a rougher stone. Once you’ve found your stone, give it a wash with soap and water to remove any dirt and debris. Leave to dry.

2. Come up with your design

You could base your stone design on anything but we welcome themes from processions past – this could be a float theme, something you’ve dressed up as, a flower if your were a flower girl, etc – there are so many possibilities and we’d love to see your take on it. You might want to draw out your design first in pencil on the stone so that you can easily make changes.

3. Paint

You can use lots of types of paint your stone – acrylic, paint pens, household emulsion etc. If your stone is darker it might be best giving it a base coat first so your colours don’t soak in. You could even paint white and then colour in with sharpies. Leave the paint to dry completely.

4. Seal the stone

So the paint doesn’t wash away in the rain, it’s best to seal your stone. You can use varnish, spray sealer or glue such as modge podge to keep your design safe. Again leave until dry before placing outside, ideally overnight.

How to Mod Podge on Rocks and Make Them Pretty - Mod Podge Rocks

5. Add your stone to the rock walk

We’ve started the rock walk along the path at Meadow park – look for the starting stone and follow the trail until you find space for your stone(s). Please be aware of others and keep to social distancing rules. Stay a safe distance and if it’s too busy then come back later .