Special Thanks

The Procession Committee would like to say a huge thanks to you, the Bathgate Community. The Bathgate Procession & Community Festival would not be an event at all, if it were not for you.

There are some businesses and individuals who volunteer their services outside the committee that we would like to thank for their help this year.

Use of their venue

Many local estabilishments & groups let us use there venue to host events or on procession day itself. This saves the procession a lot of money and we are very greatful to have such wonderful support throughout the town. If you have a venue you think we could use, please get in touch

Putting on an event or fundraising for us / in conjunction with us

Its been great to partner with such wonderful local groups on events this year. Both BASC and Bathgate Thistle help organise festival fortnight events for their sport. Stuart McLean & Property Webb have put on their own events to help fundraise – both very different but all ideas area welcome and very much appreciated.

Help with deliveries and procession tasks

It takes volunteers from all over Bathgate to put on the procession. There aren’t currently enough committee members to do all the collections, magazine deliveries, marshalling, walking with banners etc. This groups have really pulled through and offered to help this year, wwhich means events can go ahead. We also thank the individuals who have volunteered as well – we hope to see you on the committee next year!


Ambassadors Showband Derby

The Ambassadors Showband Derby are a much loved band of our procession bring colour and joy when they play. The very kindly offered to play for free this year in memory of Jim Walker MBE


Whether its cars for processions characters/committee memebers, truck for floats or vechilces to help us transport fencing etc, we need a lot of vechicles for the procession. Without the continued support from these companies, we would have to spend a large portion of our budget in this area which would mean less acts on the day! Please make sure this doesn’t go unnoticed and give them a big cheer as they pass you.


Curries Print Centre

Curries Print Centre is a family run commercial Litho and digital printer business. They have been our printer of our annual programme of events for years and give us a generous discount on the service


J A Houston Photography

Curries Print Centre is a family run commercial Litho and digital printer business.  A Houston Photography began in 2013 and since then we have grown in experience and numbers. Jacqui has a fantastic team working with her, and with two photographers there on your magical day we are able to capture every special moment. She very kindly offered to take all our pageant photos for free and we absolutely love them



SiBCAS have been supplying clients throughout the UK with relocatable modular buildings and portable site accommodation since 1973. They provide the Procession with storage solutions as well as other sponsorships.

Donation of product

Every donation counts and we’ve had some fabulous local businesses & individuals donating products that can be used at events or even as raffle prizes.

Continued support throught the year

These supermarkets are truley amazing, the help us through out the year by letting us hold collections, donating products & supplying their venue for events. Massive thank you to both of them, not only for this year but all the previous years you’ve supported us as well.


Horne’s Pleasure Fairs

Horne’s are always a highlight of the Procession. Everyone knows they bring the best rides in town but they also give us a large donation to help with the funding of the Procession each year.

Prior to the 2022 election, councillors John McGinty, Harry Cartmill and Charles Kennedy also gave donations to the procession and we’d like to thank them for their support over the years

If you donate a service to the Procession but do not see your name on this list, we can only apologise! Please contact us on bathgateprocessionmediateam@gmail.com and we will sort it out as soon as possible

Want To Donate a Service?

We are currently working on our sponsorship and advertising processes but please head to our Volunteer Your Services page and fill in the form to tell us how you could help