The Pageant – 2023

At 11am on the steps of the Old Academy, on the first Saturday in June, Bathgate Bairns come together to re-enact a significant event in Bathgate’s History.

With the exception of Robert The Bruce, children of primary and secondary school age who attend a Bathgate school or live in Bathgate are invited to take part in the pageant as the principal and supporting characters. 

King Robert The Bruce’s eldest child, Marjorie was married to Walter Lord High Steward, 6th Steward of Scotland.  Part of the dowry included the Barony of Bathgate and the Key to Bathgate Castle.  The castle was in the grounds of today’s Bathgate Golf Club, but unfortunately there are no remains.

The re-enactment begins with the Captain of the Guard leading the Royal Guards in forming a guard of honour.  The Flower Queen and Rainbow Queens lead their girls through the guard and the Lady of the Court leads the Bower Girls to form a passageway up the stairs.  The Heralds announce the arrival of the Royal Party, with Lord Lyon reading his Proclamation welcoming everyone.  King Robert the Bruce thanks the people of Bathgate and with the help of the Keeper of the Keys, gives Marjorie and Walter the key to Bathgate Castle.  The Earl of Moray introduces the Queens, Lady of the Court and invited guests to Marjorie and Walter.

The Pageant ends with a blessing from the Abbot of Holyrood, in time for all involved to join the Procession as it makes its way through the town led by the Halberdier.

This Years Characters

Princess Marjorie
Caelyn Reid

Walter Lord High Steward
Stuart Gegan

Robert the Bruce
Jim Allan

Page Boys
Adam Docherty & Fraser Garnett

Billy Weir

Ladies in Waiting
Morgan McCormack, Rosie Chalmers and Breaghannon McGee

Rainbow Queen
Eilidh Young

Flower Queen
Kelsey Hale

Lady of the Court
Grace Marshall

Abbot of Holyrood
River Smart

Lord Lyon
Junior Boyd

Earl of Moray
Duncan McCaig

Captain of the Guard
Sam Henderson

Jack Conway
Hannah McNamee

Keeper of the Keys
Rio McGuire

Balbardie Primary School

Bower Girls – Amber Milligan, Isabella Dominguez
Flower Girls – Sophie Parkes, Harlie Finnegan, Julia Morgan, Darcie Brown, Harlee O’Connor
Rainbow Girls – Bonnie Smith, Martha Segrott, Remi Pollard, Emi Boyle, Chloe Watson
Royal Guards – Maksim Djakovs, Kyle Pettigrew, Olivia Swan, Ethan Bell, Evie Sandland, Aaron Swan

Boghall Primary School

Bower Girls – Poppy Hutton, Lexi Brown
Flower Girls – Alessia Gard, Neve Antonelli, Esme Lewis, Naeve Buchanan, Heidi Wong, Sophia Caraghiulea
Rainbow Girls – Lucy Ellis, Amirah Parker, Olivia Dunsmore, Ellie Turner, Rhona Cheek
Royal Guards – Kara Brown, Naomie Goldie, Zoe Bainitabua, Caisi Kidd, Brodie Baird

Simpson Primary School

Bower Girls – Lily Ackhurst, Mia Duncan
Flower Girls – Sophie Brown, Emily Rust, Elise Telford, Ayla Corbett, Jessica Ozlanska, Ava Williams
Rainbow Girls – Amelia MacDonald, Isla Paton, Isla McRae, Liliana Krupiarz, Ivy Livingstone
Royal Guards – Emma Mannion, Stevie Egan, Keaton Davidson, Ruby Leslie, Emilie Graham

St Columba’s Primary School

Bower Girls – Rosie Ritchie
Flower Girls
Rainbow Girls – Orlagh Gladwell, Nuala Watt
Royal Guards – Nathan Malone, Oliver Kaptur, +1

St Mary’s Primary School

Bower Girls – Sophie Kelly, Ruby Weir
Flower Girls – Aylah Young, Rosie Grant, Lucia Gillard, Daisy Fisher, +1
Rainbow Girls – Amy Kirk, Nieve Jamieson, Julia Bandelak, Caitlin Duthie, +1
Royal Guards – Ivy-May Lawler, Logan Bell, Louise Carroll, Sophie Boyle, Violet Feeney

Windyknowe Primary School

Bower Girls – Beth Anderson, Jessica Wale, Olivia Boyd
Flower Girls – Emilia Stewart, Norah Flynn, Arabella Flannigan, Cara Reid, Rosie Kelly, Lois Keeble, Ava Brittain
Rainbow Girls – Robyn McLeary, Reeah Liddle, Myla Gibson, Zoe Patten, Olivia Laing, Isabel Davidson
Royal Guards – Lucas Afonso-Hay, Aadam Ullah, Lucy Dunbar, Jayden Laing, Jacob Thomson

If you would like to come along and watch the Pageant, we invite you to join us at 11.15am at the Old Academy, Marjoribank Street. We look forward to a big audience this year!