Children’s Sports

Meadow Park, Glasgow Road, starting 6.30pm.  Supported by Link Housing

Monetary prizes will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. All children who take part will receive a prize.

All participants must compete in their own age group. Anyone competing in the wrong age group will be disqualified. All participants must be a Bathgate resident or attend a Bathgate school

Format of the Event

The following races will take place

Girls Boys
Flat Race under 5yrs25mFlat Race under 5yrs
Flat Race age 550mFlat Race age 5
Flat Race age 650mFlat Race age 6
Flat Race age 750mFlat Race age 7
Flat Race age 850mFlat Race age 8
Flat Race age 950mFlat Race age 9
Flat Race age 1050mFlat Race age 10
Flat Race age 1150mFlat Race age 11
Flat Race age 12100mFlat Race age 12
Flat Race age 13&14100mFlat Race age 13&14
PWD (participant with disability) under 1050mPWD (participant with disability) under 10
PWD (participant with disability) age 10-1450mPWD (participant with disability) age 10-14
Wheelbarrow Race age 7&850mWheelbarrow Race age 7&8
Wheelbarrow Race age 9&1050mWheelbarrow Race age 9&10
Wheelbarrow Race age 11&1250mWheelbarrow Race age 11&12
Wheelbarrow Race age 13&1450mWheelbarrow Race age 13&14
Boot and Shoe Race age 7&850mBoot and Shoe Race age 7&8
Boot and Shoe Race age 9&1050mBoot and Shoe Race age 9&10
Boot and Shoe Race age 11&1250mBoot and Shoe Race age 11&12
Boot and Shoe Race age 13&1450mBoot and Shoe Race age 13&14
Three Legged Race age 7&850mThree Legged Race age 7&8
Three Legged Race age 9&1050mThree Legged Race age 9&10
Three Legged Race age 11&1250mThree Legged Race age 11&12
Three Legged Race age 13&1450mThree Legged Race age 13&14
Ladies 15 years and over100mMens 15 years and over
Ladies 50 plus50mMens 50 plus
Distance under 11yrs2 x lapsDistance under 11yrs
Distance age 11&123 x lapsDistance age 11&12
Distance age 13&144 x lapsDistance age 13&14