The Pagent

At 11am on the steps of the Old Academy, on the first Saturday in June Bathgate Bairns come together to re-enact a significant event in Bathgate’s history.

King Robert The Bruce’s eldest child, Marjory was married to Walter Lord High Steward, 6th High Steward of Scotland.   Part of the dowry included the Barony of Bathgate and the Key to Bathgate Castle.   The castle was in the grounds of today’s Bathgate Golf Club, but unfortunately there are no remains left.

With the exception of King Robert the Bruce, children of primary and secondary school age who live in Bathgate are invited to take part in the pageant as the principle and supporting characters.

From the six primary schools we have five Flower Girls and five Rainbow Girls, five  Royal Guards and two Bower Girls. Each year the primary schools also take it in turn to put forward two Page Boys, two Heralds, the Abbot and the Keeper of the Keys.   From the secondary schools we have the Flower Queen and the Rainbow Queen, the Lady of the Court (Leader of the Bower Girls), the three Ladies in Waiting, Lord Lyon and the Earl of Moray.  Altogether the pageant includes 120 characters.

The Re-enactment

The Captain of the Guard leads the Royal Guard into the Academy and form a guard of honour.  The Flower Queen and Rainbow Queen then lead their girls through the guard and walk up to their seats.  The Lady of the Court leads the Bower Girls to form a passage way up the stairs.

The Heralds then announce the arrival of the Royal Party into the Academy before The Lord Lyon reads out the Proclamation welcoming everyone to the Academy.

King Robert the Bruce thanks the people of Bathgate for their welcome and then with the help of the Keeper of the Keys gives Marjory and Walter the key to Bathgate Castle.

The Earl of Moray introduces the Queens, Lady of the Court and invited guests to both Marjory and Walter.  

The Pageant ends with a blessing from the Abbot of Holyrood, in time for all involved to join the Procession as it makes its way through Bathgate to Meadow Park.

This Years Characters

Princes Marjory
Cody Bryans

Walter Lord High Steward
Adam Menzies

Page Boys
Sebastian Allen & Aiden Clark

Lord Lyon
Stuart Gegan

Abbot of Holyrood
Ethan Worrall

Keeper of the Keys
Emily Liddle

Reece Mannion & Harry McAllan

Ladies in Waiting
Shanna Green, Brooke Healy and Lauren Downs

Rainbow Queen
Ellie McKenna

Lady of the Court
Lauryn Green

Flower Queen
Grace Anderson

Captain of the Guard
Olivia Agnew

King Robert the Bruce – Con Sweeney

Simpson Primary School

Bower Gils – Plus 2
Flower Girls – Liliana Calierno, Kara Honeyman, Eve Scholan, Jenna Watt, Plus 2
Rainbow Girls – Orlaith Barras, Cameron Dunsmore, Isla Hogarth, Ella Pirrie, Plus 1
Royal Guards – Korbyn Hale, Isabelle Hayne, Plus 1

Boghall Primary School

Bower Gils – Cody Fleming, Emma Hobson, Freya MacDonald, Plus 1
Flower Girls – Kara Brown, Cara De Sykes, Plus 2
Rainbow Girls – Kayla Dewar, Charlie Duncan, Plus 2
Royal Guards – Kara Ball, TJ McSeveney, Neo Meldrum

Windyknowe Primary School

Bower Gils – Jodie Wilson
Flower Girls – Nieve Blaik, Sophie Brown, Skye Kerr, Lily Robertson, Plus 1
Rainbow Girls – Robyn Beresford, Sophie Johnstone, Summer Rowe, Plus 2
Royal Guards – Sophie Johnston, Billy Macartney, Anthony McAlear, Kieran McAlear, Adam Robb, Plus 1

St Mary’s Primary School

Bower Gils – Rachael Forbes, Plus 1
Flower Girls – Zofia Dixon, Delila Doolan, Violet Feeney, Zuzanna Gladysz, Sophia Kerr, Eilidh McCaig, Nadia Nowak, Kyla O’Hara
Rainbow Girls – Ruby Rose Allan, Sophie Boyle, Erin Brogan, Kianna Rose Macmillan, Plus 1
Royal Guards – Eve McAllister, Ellie Moffat, Grace Ritchie, Plus 2

Balbardie Primary School

Bower Gils – Erin Vance, Plus 1
Flower Girls – Michaela Dillon, Lucy Marr, Grace McKay, Georgia McKinven-Wood, Hannah McNamee, Brooke McPhillips, Katie Paul
Rainbow Girls – Daisy Currrie, Hope Davis, Anna Duncan, Sarah Grant, Isla Kelly, Sophie Maclean, Robyn Murray, Ruby Pearson, Holly Rafferty, Plus 1
Royal Guards – Cameron Notman, Plus 4

St Columba’s Primary School

Flower Girls – Isla Thomson, Plus 1
Rainbow Girls – Plus 2
Royal Guards – Plus 1

If you would like to come along and watch the Pageant, we invite you to join us on Saturday 1st June at 11am at the Old Academy, Marjoribank Street. We look forward to a big audience this year!

Many thanks,
The Pageant Team